Suver by ColombiaBeneficial vintage ’19


This is the 2019 Harvest and has been cold cured till this day. Two and a half years of cold curing have created a phenomenal biomass CDT essential oil with a musky frontend and a sweet, mango finish.

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Suver Haze is a favorite among our customers. It’s a complex yet delicate mix of different biomass CDT essential oils, esters, and phenols that provide a taste and experience like no other. This musky, earthy CDT flavor is extracted using water as the solvent and provides a sweet, mango like aftertaste.

Suver Haze was brought to you in early 2019 by the farmer Colombia Beneficial. Harvested and extracted in Oregon, this product is grown using compost, natural fertilizer, and 0 pesticides. Suver Haze is available to order today in 1, 10, 30 or 100ml bottles.

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1ml, 10ml, 30ml, 100ml


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